Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – August 2 Week

1. Cannabidiol Studied as Potential Treatment for Cannabis Use Disorder

Abstinence from cannabis is increased with daily oral doses of cannabidiol 400 mg and 800 mg versus placebo. (

2. Alcohol use is less prevalent in second, third trimesters

The prevalence of self-reported drinking is lower among pregnant women in their second or third trimester compared to those in their first trimester (

3. Smoking addiction may lead to higher health risks including cancer: Study

Each cigarette smoked per day increases the risk for heavier smokers of contracting some diseases by more than 30 percent, according to a new international study. (

4. How mental health caregivers in Sudbury are supporting one another during COVID-19

Living in close quarters with family during COVID-19 has been tricky for many, but for some, it’s meant assisting and encouraging loved ones with mental health challenges under the added pressures of quarantine. (

5. Many Deaths Labeled ‘Cardiac Arrest’ Could Be Drug ODs: Study

Americans have long known that there’s an epidemic of opioid abuse and deaths in the United States. But a new report suggests the true extent of these tragedies has been underestimated. (

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