Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – July 1 Week

1. Rehab In Paradise: Western Addicts Head To Thailand To Detox

A Buddhist monastery located 140 kilometers (86 miles) north of Bangkok, Thamkrabok specializes in treating drug addiction. It resembles a small village, with golden-roofed temples and small cottages for the monks and nuns. (

2. Deep Bench: Drug Overdose And Substance Addiction Goes Up In Wisconsin During Pandemic

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) – Nationwide, federal and local officials are reporting a surge in opioid addiction and overdoses. It’s seen as a hidden epidemic within the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, across the nation suspected overdoses jumped 18% in March when compared to last year. The stats then jumped up, with 29% in April and 42% in May, according to the Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program. (

3. Program Expands To Help More Women Battling Drug Addiction Locally

Millions of adults struggle with drug and alcohol abuse — they could include your friends, family, or neighbors. Spiritual and Personal Adjustments — known as SPA Women’s Ministry in Elkhart — just expanded to help more women battling drug addiction locally. (

4. Interfaith Sanctuary’s New Addiction Recovery Program Welcomes First Graduate

Lots of Boiseans were taking walks, binging Netflix and learning how to bake bread during quarantine, but Jimmy Boyd was getting sober. (

5. New App Helps Those Who Suffer From Addiction

Soberbuddy is a new app that can help those who suffer from addiction or who are going through the recovery process. Sarah Sager sat down with the creator of Soberbuddy to learn more about the application. (

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