Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – June 3 Week

1. Marijuana Concentrates Spike Thc Levels But Don’t Boost Impairment

A study of 121 regular users of legal market cannabis found that higher potency does not necessarily mean greater intoxication. It also found that while balance and memory are impaired immediately. ( )

2. High Potency Cannabis Linked To Anxiety Disorder, More Serious Cannabis Use

Policy changes have occurred alongside the proliferation of high potency cannabis, which may lead to more memory issues or psychotic effects. ( )

3. Booze Ads Designed To Keep You Laughing All The Way To The Bottle Shop

Get them laughing to get them drinking’ seems to be the motto of the alcohol industry according to an analysis of alcohol ads displayed across a range of media types in Australia. ( )

4. Juul-type E-cigarettes May Be Especially Addictive For Teens: Study

Talk to a teacher if you want an idea of how addicted teenagers can become using Juul and other pod-based e-cigarettes. ( )

5. Tobacco Smoking May Lower Risk For Parkinson Disease While Increasing The Risk Of Other Illnesses

A study found a causally protective effect of tobacco smoking on the risk of Parkinson’s disease (PD), yet the mechanism behind this association was not made clear. Findings from this study were reported in Neurology. (

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