Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – Sep 1 Week

1. Each Day Sober Slowly Helps Alcoholics’ Brains Recover

A new brain scan study shows why the “one day at a time” approach works for recovering alcoholics. (

2. Shaken and stirred: The relation between stress and alcohol

There are many unknowns with the COVID-19 pandemic, but people’s relationship with alcohol and the rationale for drinking seem to be consistent. (

3. Examining Traffic Fatalities Following Legalization of Recreational Cannabis

As policymakers debate legalizing recreational cannabis use in several US states, the pros of legalization must be evaluated against the cons, including an increase in traffic-related injuries. (

4. Treatment, Support, and Recovery

Treatment services and supports can help people experiencing harm from substance use or addiction. Services can include early identification and intervention, harm reduction approaches, and relapse prevention. (

5. Your in-laws’ history of drinking problems could lead to alcohol issues of your own

The causes of AUD are complex and can include a mix of genetic, environmental, and social factors, including a family history of alcoholism. This familial effect, however, may be more complicated than first assumed. (

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