Addiction Recovery Weekly Roundup – Sep 3 Week

1. Substance use disorders linked to COVID-19 susceptibility

A National Institutes of Health-funded study found that people with substance use disorders (SUDs) are more susceptible to COVID-19 and its complications. (

2. Behavioral Program Improves Chronic Pain Outcomes in Substance Use Disorder

Behavioral pain management during addiction treatment is associated with better pain-related outcomes, but not substance use-related outcomes (

3. Heroin-Addicted Individuals Have Unique Brain Disturbances Resembling Those of Alzheimer’s

Altered expression of FYN, a gene associated with the production of Tau, was identified in the brains of people addicted to heroin. Findings suggest opioid use can affect the brain in a way that might cause vulnerability in neural systems that can trigger neurodegeneration later in life. (

4. Regulation of dopamine-dependent transcription and cocaine action by Gadd45b

Exposure to drugs of abuse produces robust transcriptional and epigenetic reorganization within brain reward circuits that outlives the direct effects of the drug and may contribute to addiction. (

5. Drug users, advocates weigh in on why Sask. overdose deaths are at a record high

Police and people with addictions say fentanyl use was growing before the pandemic, but is worse now. (

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