Substance Abuse Recovery Weekly Roundup – Nov 2 Week

1. Calls to city 311 lines can predict opioid overdose hotspots

Service requests to city non-emergency telephone lines can help identify “hotspots” for opioid use and overdoses, a study in Columbus found. (

2. “Rotary 4 Recovery” Event Seeks to Break Stigma of Addiction

The Bordentown Rotary Club will once again be holding a Rotary 4 Recovery ceremony to honor those who have been lost to addiction and those are still fighting. (

3. Opioid agonist and antagonist use and the gut microbiota: associations among people in addiction treatment

Murine models suggest that opioids alter the gut microbiota, which may impact opioid tolerance and psychopathology. We examined how gut microbiota characteristics related to the use of opioid agonists and antagonists among people receiving outpatient addiction treatment. (

4. North Bay drug treatment programs working – doctor

Every community has challenges, there’s no denying that. But what we are seeing is very exciting,” due in part to the “excellent community initiatives” to help those in the community who are battling addictions.  (

5. Opioid overdoses spike during COVID-19, leading to calls for a new approach to harm reduction

Those rejections took place against the backdrop of the 301 accidental opioid deaths that happened in Alberta between April to June – a 97 percent increase over the 153 deaths over the same period last year.(

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