Substance Abuse Recovery Weekly Roundup – Sep 4 Week

1. COVID-19 Poses Added Risk for People With Addiction Disorders: Study

People with addiction disorders are at greater risk for COVID-19 and more likely to become seriously ill if infected, a new study finds. (

2. Emergency room experienced a surge in opioid overdoses during the pandemic

Virginia Commonwealth University researchers released data showing an alarming surge in opioid-related overdoses during the COVID-19 pandemic. (

3. Access to Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Dependent on Insurance Status

Pregnancy and insurance status were significant barriers to obtaining appointments for opioid use disorder treatment. These findings, from a cross-sectional study in the United States (

4. An epigenetic, transgenerational model of increased mental health disorders in children, adolescents, and young adults

Prevalence rates of mental health disorders in children and adolescents have increased two to threefold from the 1990s to 2016. Some increase in prevalence may stem from changing environmental conditions in the current generation. (

5. Podcast project hopes to share experiences of Prairie people impacted by crystal meth

The Saskatchewan professor behind a podcast project is hoping to share the lived experience of people dealing with a crystal meth crisis on the Prairies. (

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